CPS/ad Litem


CPS is a division of the DFPS (Department of Family and Protective Services). Their official role is to investigate reports of abuse and neglect of children and provide services to children and families for reunification. The legal process involved in these activities can be very complex and frustrating. Lloyd Law Firm has aggressively fought for parent’s rights to their children for many years. Because of our experience, each of the firm’s attorneys has been approved by the Denton County District Court to be appointed for these representations.

We frequently represent the children in these actions, as well. Representing children is a unique opportunity which affords them the right to have their voices heard in the courtroom, especially as parents, relatives, or guardians get back on track (or not) in complying with the many services that are ordered by the court before their children can be returned.

Some cases involve parents and families working a service plan through the CPS organization while the children remain in their care. Other cases involve a Judge ordering services, while the child is placed out of the home. The main goal is to keep children with families, even extended, if the immediate caretakers are not an option. In fact, it is often necessary for other relatives to “intervene” in a pending lawsuit involving these children, so that CPS doesn’t miss the mark in this goal.

The sheer volume of documentation and evidence in these cases requires proper representation and organization. So much negativity surrounds CPS and its agents, based on the myriad of cases they handle or mishandle, that you need a lawyer on your side to fight for you and accurately present your case. You are not just a number and statistic. You are not just a nuisance. You are a mother, father, friend, or relative, and these children need to be safe. Lloyd Law Firm will help you protect these children.