Alisha A. Morgan

Senior Paralegal

Due to her over 20 years in the legal field, Alisha is a well-established asset at Lloyd Law Firm. Her experience began at a young age, as the daughter of two parents in law enforcement for over 30 years. A native Denton resident, she learned firsthand how the legal system worked – her dad was an investigator for the Denton County Criminal District Attorney’s Office and her mother was a deputy for the Denton County Sheriff’s Office (recently retired). Obviously, the interaction she has with many of the prominent members of the legal community is invaluable in her perception and has served as a foundation for her legal knowledge in two of Lloyd Law Firm’s main practice areas – family and criminal law. Combined with her paralegal resume in leading north Texas law firms, she maintains a particular set of skills and practicality that keeps the office moving and most importantly, clients happy.

Much of her experience is based in the family law practice. She has been an integral part of many trials, including high profile divorce cases, complex property disputes, and custody cases. She is organized, efficient, and pragmatic. Her real world understanding only adds to her significance. Additionally, she assists in the areas of research, case-law study, witness preparation, and document production. Her bookkeeping, payroll, and tax evaluation talents additionally maximize our client’s ultimate outcome.

A wife and mother of three, she couldn’t be happier. Although she would sometimes include her husband as one of her children, she enjoys the time she spends with each of them on the weekends and at various sporting events in which they are heavily involved. She and her husband enjoy coaching their daughter’s softball team and assistant coaching their older son’s football, baseball, and basketball teams.

Minerva T. Ozuna

Legal Assistant

Essential to Lloyd Law Firm, and not new to the law, Minerva brings a well-established portfolio in the areas of immigration, family, property tax, and criminal law. She worked with several top-notch attorneys around town prior to beginning her career in our Firm. She is intelligent and friendly and has a passion for law which keeps her extremely busy. Because of her natural affinity for people and the added bonus of her ability to speak fluent Spanish, we have been able to accommodate a wider range of clients in a broader host of situations. Her public interests keep her involved in much of the communication and research surrounding these areas of the law, and her devotion to accuracy is top-notch.

Assisting in the interviewing, translating, and document production work for our clients, she focuses her efforts on established norms and protocols, while creatively identifying salient issues. For example, as immigration matters become more challenging and politically charged, she maintains a disciplined investigation and examination of the unfolding laws and attitudes in this arena.

Despite her credentials and career, she is still pursuing a degree in criminal justice, a token of her dedication to the legal front. She has been a member of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas since 2009 and periodically volunteers for Promise House in Dallas, Texas, assisting “at-risk” teens who are coping with homelessness and abuse. She provides needed counsel and encouragement – and these activities translate into an intimate understanding of juvenile law – another of Lloyd Law Firm’s practice areas. And all of this while raising her three children and husband, with whom she enjoys traveling, reading, biking, and camping!

She has real, hands-on, practical experience which gives us an edge in litigation, and we are excited to count her as one of our own.

Raydean S. Brady

Secretary/Legal Assistant

The initial voice you may hear when calling Lloyd Law Firm is Raydean. She’s been in customer service for over a decade, and she loves to find answers to your questions. She is, simply put, a vivacious go-getter with a zest for life. The ‘S’ in her middle name stands for spontaneity. Her background enables her to quickly assess the needs of our clients and minimize the time they would otherwise spend in reviewing and researching on their own. She is office-savvy and her ultimate goal is to provide needed legal information from our firm to you. Adept at organization, calendaring, and document preparation, she fulfills the firm’s need to “stay on the ball.”

Raydean is very active and adventurous; she loves camping and riding all-terrain vehicles. When she’s not working or “blazing trails,” she spends much of her time with her three dogs. You can also find her re-finishing antique furniture or making jewelry. She has a knack for making stressful situations better because she enjoys making people laugh and smile, seeing the optimistic side of situations. On a personal note, her contagious laugh would simply lead you to believe that she’s the kind of gal who still likes to run with scissors and eat crackers in bed. Devoted to Lloyd Law Firm’s clients, she is honest – sometimes to a fault – and she never meets a stranger.